Raspbian (current version, 2014-03) on raspberry pi comes preinstalled with oracle jdk. Using a lightweight replacement for Eclipse
java programs for lego mindstorm ev3 with lejos firmware can  be developed on the raspberry pi.

This tutorial was used to get started. More about IDE Geany can be found on www.geany.org.

apt-get install geany

apt-get install ant

apt-get install libjsch-java

cd /usr/share/ant

ln -s /usr/share/java/jsch-0.1.42.jar jsch.jar


assuming ev3 classes are installed with eclipse as described in lejos.org wiki:

On raspberry pi create a subdirectory ev3 in your geany projects folder (e.g. /home/pi/Projekte/ev3 in german localized version of geany)

cd into this directory and use scp to copy DBusJava and ev3classes from eclipse ev3 folder on your computer with eclipse:

scp -r your_ip_address:/your_eclipse_ev3/folder/DBusJava .
scp -r your_ip_address:/your_eclipse_ev3/folder/ev3classes .

Open geany and create a new project ev3. Open the file ev3/DBusJava/build.xml. Then open the Terminal tab at the bottom of the geany window.
Use cd to change into your projects folder; then cd into ev3/DBusJava
Run ant jar
If the command did complete successfully use cd to change into ev3classes directory and open the file ev3/ev3classes/build.xml from geany menu.
Run ant jar
Use scp to copy some example project from eclipse to geany. Create a new geany project with the same name.
Use command ant jar in geany Terminal to compile the project. Finally use ant copy to transfer the jar archive to raspberry pi.

Result on iPad with bluetooth keyboard (using the steps described here):

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  1. Norbert says:

    For everyday stuff, I motlsy just use vim/gvim. For Java I’ve done Eclipse, but I’ve heard better things about IntelliJ IDEA. C/C++ I’ve motlsy been a vim guy, but there’s Visual Studio on windows and Code::Blocks is a nice light-weight one. Python has IDLE, which is decent but I don’t use it. Mac/iPhone has XCode, which tends to screw up my projects a lot.That’s all I can think of that I’ve used .

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