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Raspberry Pi works as airplay receiver using xbmc (only for non copyrighted content)

More or less working (tested on iOS 7.1):

– builtin youtube video app for some content
– fileapp 4 (by media player (mp4 videos have to be stored with extension m4v; uses builtin iOS player)
– app has to be closed to make freshly uploaded folder content visible (iTunes upload for this app)
– viewing of photos
(videos have a significant time lag between image and sound – but xbmc-kodi is still in alpha status: 2014-10-14)

Not working:
– videos taken by camera of iPhone 5s.
– copyright protected videos (e.g. any iTunes purchase)


– handbrake: apple tv1 (format mp4, saved with extension m4v)
– adobe premiere elements 11: iPad high quality
plug player (if content gets played it can be transmitted to airplay)


Only sound:

oplayer (outputs only sound to airplay; maybe always sets bit for copyrighted videos)
builtin video app playing videos synchronized by iTunes

xbmc: raspbmc with kodi built from  here

To tweak audio settings use this reference

To setup raspbmc as wifi accesspoint refer to this post

Install iPhone app xmbc (official app made by the makers of xbmc)
(sometimes it is useful to connect  an iOS ssh client; currently (build20141012) required to make a clean shutdown:
login as user pi (default password raspberry) run sudo poweroff)

Alternative: rPlay by
(feature rich; needs free beta license; 12 months no change)