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notes when trying to display xps files with evince
(however mupdf has less bugs and is supported by homebrew as well)

  • brew install evince does not support xps file format (xps option disabled at compile time)
    (check PATH variable, put /usr/local/bin as first entry if homebrew and macports are installed and errors like Python.h not found occur even if python has been freshly installed by homebrew)
  • an example for own brew formulas can be found here
  • copy /usr/local/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core/Formula/evince.rb to
  • edit /usr/local/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-x11/evince.rb:
    uncomment the lines from bottle do to end usingĀ  # to disable prebuilt binaries
    add “–enable-xps”, to configure arguments
    and add line depends_on “libgxps”
  • run brew search evince which should find homebrew/x11/evince
  • run brew install homebrew/x11/evince

Preparing a NAS for backup with rsync I wanted to copy initial data with nfs because of higher transfer speed.

The NAS nfs export mounts fine on a linux box but not from osx 10.5.8. Some search revealed that

  • /etc/hosts on the NAS should have an entry for the osx machine [1]
    (e.g. my_osx_box)
  • instead of mount /mnt use mount_nfs -P /mnt [2]
    (or add insecure to /etc/exports on the NAS)