As a customer without cloud products volume licensing was done with a “normal” account of my organization: Meanwhile a work or school account (WSA) is required. Reference.

Steps required, in my case, to change the existing account into a WSA account:

  • Use what is called by microsoft Internal admin takeover (reference)
  • (maybe the steps below depend on my first try to create a new account account)
  • open and create an account with the same email address as the existing account
  • use this newly created account to open (if asked during login wether private or business account use business account)
  • the next steps cause that the newly created account,, is assigned to and to the role global admin
  • you are instructed to create a dns txt entry at to verify your ownership of (This txt dns entry can be removed after verification)
  • logged in at at settings/domains should be displayed as standard domain
  • now open microsoft volume licensing center, and choose sign in with your work account, Single sign on should work (if already logged in at
  • Existing licenses should be displayed. Message to upgrade account to WSA should be gone. Done!

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