Thanks to the detailed posts on [A, B, C ] virt-manager is running xen 4.0 on ubuntu 10.04
(installation of ubuntu server plus apt-get install xubuntu-desktop).

Program virt-manager has to be started as root and switching with su to root shell does not work, the login version su – has to be used (to avoid error: Failed to contact configuration server).

To create a hvm virtual machine virt-install is used:

  • virt-install -connect xen:/// -n ti2010 –r 512 –hvm –vnc -f /dev/sdb -c /root/mnt/ti2010.iso –debug –force

Parameter –force is only neccessary if the block device used as hard disk is already part of another vm.

Once the new vm gets displayed in virt-manager all properties of this vm can be edited (click ‘Open’; ‘Add Hardware’, ‘Remove’, …).


  1. Boris says:

    If you downgraded libvirt, then
    # virt-install -n ti2010 –r 512 –hvm –vnc -f /dev/sdb -c /root/mnt /ti2010.iso –debug
    will work exactly as on Karmic Server.

  2. spblinux says:

    Meanwhile I upgraded to libvirt 0.8.1 (more).

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