• Adding and removing of hard disksĀ  and cdrom devices works fine
    (guest not running)
  • Acronis Trueimage works well inside hvm virtual machines
    (if empty block devices are not recognized as hard disks, e.g. /dev/sdb7:
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb7 bs=1M count=100
    echo ‘w’ |fdisk /dev/sdb7
    This zeros out the beginning of block device /dev/sdb7 and writes a new partition table into /dev/sdb7; all existing data in /dev/sdb7 is overwritten – you have been warned.)
  • Sometimes the window opened by virt-manager fails to display a running virtual machine (does not connect by vnc to the running vm).
    Closing both windows (that of the vm and virt-manager itself) and reopening them usually helps (the vm continues to run).

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